Little Rock’s Hidden Gem of Artistry


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Many people in the Central Little Rock area probably have never heard of Delita Martin. Delita Martin is most likely one of the most underrated artist in the south. Delita moved here from Indiana after a job opportunity presented itself to her husband. You may not have seen Delita’s art, however, her work has been exhibited nationally as well as internationally. After finishing up her masters in Fine Arts, Martin’s desire to keep creating turned into a desire to help others hone their craft. I found it fascinating how Delita turned her desire to help others into Black Box Press, a studio Delita opened in Little Rock’s Quapaw Quarter dedicated to other print image artists.



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Throughout Delita’s work you get a strong sense of heritage. Delita incorporates many different domestic objects such skillets, jars and even birds. There is also an obvious affinity for natural beauty aspect that comes along with her art. She uses images that portray posters of propaganda for natural hair. With so many negative images reverberating throughout the media of African Ameriacan women, it is a shame more of these type of images are put on the back burner. Delita Martin I feel is doing her part to change that one image at a time. Delita continues to teach a s well as make print images. Martin will debut her new collection Thursday May 29 2014 at the Arts & Science Center for southeast Arkansas located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. It is obvious Delita Martin is not only changing the image of African American women, she is also changing the image of Little Rock.